21/28  CITY/HWY
EPA-Estimated MPG
6.2  Sec.
0-60 MPH
6.9  cu ft
Cargo Space

What's New for the 2018 Toyota 86?

The 2018 Toyota 86 is a sports car that prides itself on being affordable. With striking changes in the instrument clusters and luxury features like automatic climate control, Toyota has managed to make a sports car that both impresses and goes easy on the piggy bank. Designers have achieved what Toyota asked them to do. Its long hood and short rear deck make for a striking and sporty appearance that defy its introductory price tag. It's going to look like you paid some money for this one, even though Toyota managed to make this one affordable to the majority of folks who might not know that they can get a car of this quality. The great news is that you can.

Three Excellent Trims

You can choose between a manual or automatic transmission trim. Featuring the GT auto, GT manual, and GT manual with black accents, this competent sports car is feature packed in ways that the average driver wouldn't expect. As Toyota describes the 86, it's "form inspired by function." The interior is clothed in granlux trim, a suede-like material that truly captures the sophisticated nature of the 86. Audio controls are mounted on the steering wheel, making it convenient to control your audio features without taking your eyes off the road. There is a folding rear seat that makes it more comfortable and convenient to bring along any gear you might have for your outing. Finally, a 7" touchscreen navigation system also puts your audio system at your disposal, giving you 100,000 big music channels thanks to Aha Radio on iPod. Stability was a huge part of the exterior design of the 86. The fender trim isn't just there to look beautiful, although it certainly does. It's there to improve the stability of the vehicle, making good on Toyota's promise to use form to improve function. There's a rhyme and reason to this beautiful machine.

Great Engine with Two Choices in Transmission

2018 Toyota 86 MufflerThe 86 gets its power from a 2.0-liter flat-four engine. The horsepower you get depends on whether you choose manual or automatic transmissions. With the manual, you'll get 205 horsepower, and with the automatic transmission you'll get 200 horsepower. It's not a small difference for discriminating drivers who have a certain goal in mind when they buy a sports car. The transmission itself is a 6-speed transmission and is certain to give you some of the smoothest transitions in any sports car of this price range. A sport-tuned suspension system makes sure that this one controls the power it has in a sophisticated and reliable way. Suspension systems need to be up to par with the performance specs, and the 86 certainly balances out the power with sturdy construction and suspension systems.

Toyota 86 Safety

2018 Toyota 86 RearYou'll get dazzling features like Hill Start control, Smart Stop technology, 6 airbags, and Star Safety System, which includes traction control, brake assist, and four more advanced features that come standard. The overall standard safety package is a promising one and this one should get high safety ratings overall from reviewers. The 86 is an overall safe ride with plenty of technology to help prevent an accident, and when it can't be prevented, it's a sturdy vehicle.

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