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Tips for Toyota Transmission Repair and Maintenance in Phoenix, AZ

We all know that transmission is one of the most vital parts of any vehicle. Here are some of the tips to help you keep your transmission in good condition. If your transmission needs repairs, we will be here to help you with getting it back in top working shape.

Tips to Reduce the Number of Transmission Repairs Needed

  1. Do not Break the Brake
    The more pressure you apply on the brake pedal, the more strain you add on your vehicle's transmission. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful about the amount of pressure you apply to the pedal. For instance, only use the parking brake if parked on an incline or a decline. This helps to reduce the amount of stress applied to the shift linkage.
  2. A Maintenance Routine is Important
    This is necessary to prolong the performance of your car. A maintenance routine includes you changing the transmission fluid after around 15,000 miles, or at least once in every year. This should be done when you are going for your maintenance visits.
  3. Check your Level of Transmission Fluid Regularly
    This is an important aspect. You are supposed to make sure that your fluid is enough, and ensure there is no discoloration. The transmission has a dipstick, which enables you to check the level of your fluid. In case you find there is a need to change the fluid, then do so as soon as you can.

When should you Change your Transmission Fluid?

Many people give different opinions about the time you are supposed to change your fluid. However, according to experts, you should change the fluid after the following scenarios;

  1. After 30,000-60,000 Miles/ Once in an Year
    This is the right schedule for an average driver. However, there are no limitations. To get better results from your transmission, you can change the fluid more frequently, though it is recommended you change it at least after 30,000-60,000 miles or once in a year. Also, you get to save your wallet too.
  2. After Heavy Towing, Snow Plowing and Hauling
    It is necessary to change your transmission fluid after your vehicle undergoes heavy towing, slow plowing, and hauling. This is because of the transmission's temperature increases. In return, the fluid then degrades.
  3. Change the Fluid often if Living in Hot Climate
    You are also required to change your transmission fluid as often, during extreme hot temperatures. This is because, when temperatures are high, the temperatures of the transmission are also likely to increase. As a result, the transmission fluid degenerates.

AC Toyota RepairMany vehicles last as long as they are well maintained. To increase the number of miles your car covers, you have to make sure that transmission and all other parts of the car are in good condition. This will save you some pennies. The tips mentioned above will help you keep your transmission healthy. In case you have any problem with your transmission, or you need a transmission repair, you should have your car checked immediately.

Here at Camelback Toyota, we have a team of specialists with the knowledge and expertise to make sure your transmission is back to its working and healthy state.


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